Friday, April 8, 2011

Sewer Pipes

I will love having a new sewer pipe. Really. Here is my top-10 list of side benefits to replacing the whole pipe between the house and the street...

1) Free entertainment for the kids. Should be good for at least 3 days.

2) DH gets to gain new skills. You never know when laying concrete might come in handy again.

3) Cutting down 250 feet of pine trees ought to provide plenty of mulch for the paths between the garden beds. Too bad our garden doesn't take up a whole acre.

4) Without said pine trees, we can now have a kosher sukkah in the front of the house.

5) We were scratching our heads trying to figure out how to easily transport urbanite (crushed up concrete) from the recyclers to our house. Problem solved! We'll have our very own supply right here, and save the $150 cost of having it trucked away. Now we can make 25 herb spirals in the front yard. Or maybe 20 and use the other 5 for the backyard fruit and veggie beds.

6) And that stump right in the middle of front door garden? As long as we're cutting down three other trees and grinding the stumps, we might as well grind this one too, leaving our bed a bit flatter.

7) We won't have to replace the sewer pipe again until I am 142 years old.

8) Interest rates are near-zero, so why just let cash sit there when it can accomplish something?

9) The dirt will smell a lot better now.

10) Our front yard will have a little more light for growing lots of yummy things.

There! Gam zu l'tovah! :)

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Dear Hoosbin said...

DH calculated that he would need to mix and pour 28 60-lb bags of Redimix concrete, rent a mixer, and take at least half a day during Pesach preparation time for a DIY driveway section. So, I decided to pay professionals. While not ideal, I am consoled that moving 2,000 lbs of concrete for the plant bed and herb spiral, plus breaking up and using another 1,000 lbs from the back yard, should be fine exercise in the Georgia heat.