Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honest Tired


Started last night, when a police chase ended in a flipped-over car. It all came to a crashing stop a couple of doors down from our house. The adrenalin rush had me up until 4:00 a.m.! B"H the two people in the car did not hurt anyone else or any property (except the crosswalk sign), and they also walked away unharmed.

After breakfast, Amirah and I went to the day school's garage sale today, and picked up a few things - some used books that had been on my/our reading list, a couple of fun toys, some swim goggles, and a few items of clothing. That was fun.

Then we got busy in the garden. A friend gave us a bunch of her starts - cucumber, tomato, eggplant, peas, beans, plus a few other things. The other bed is on hiatus until we dig up the pipe to unclog the one that runs from the toilet. Plus, it's lighter on the sunlight so we will be using that bed for greens, peas, and other things that can do fine with less light. So, we got busy digging a 4' x 12' bed. We dug down a foot, chopped out plenty of pine tree roots, lay down a piece of the old carpet from the house, and topped it off with a layer of wire mesh to keep it safe from the gophers. Tossed in the dirt mixed with manure and lime, then built it up another foot after placing a frame around it. Hoping to plant it tomorrow!

We also got some pesach preparations done - cleared out the kitchen pantry and moved a lot of things to the walk-in pantry. Should be enough space for food, pots, and pans, so B"H that part won't be too crazy. Tomorrow it's fridge #2 and the chest freezer. Menu planning done too. Sure would love to be ready-ish by a week from Wednesday!

Wishing everyone a good week.

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