Friday, April 1, 2011

The Menu

Here 'tis;

re(not)fried beans
Mexican rice
spicy garlic lime chicken (and plain)
steamed broccoli
cabbage kumquat coleslaw w/a honey, sesame oil, orange juice, rice vinegar dressing (YUM!)
roasted zucchini
chocolate oatmeal bar cookies

and for lunch...

all of the above
minus the chicken
plus some turkey deli meat
and potato salad

And another week is ending! DH was sick with a stomach bug most of the week, and now Amirah has it as of today. It will be more of a hunkering-down kind of shabbos. Really hoping no one else gets it. Pesach is coming... there's a lot to do! In less than two weeks I want the kitchen turned over... Hmmmmm... We'll see! It will be a first for me to actually have it changed over by the shabbos before pesach. Sure would be nice. Good shabbos, all! And keep my dad in mind as he flies back and forth to Mexico in a tiny little plane to do some volunteer work there.

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