Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wage Gap, HA!

I was just saying this very thing to DH yesterday. I've always thought that those who claim that women do not have equitable wages were deleting a very important part of the equation from their BRAINS. Here's the article.

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Binah said...

There are plenty of reasons why women tend to work fewer hours and choose workplaces with certain desirable characteristics. One reason is because women are disproportionately responsible for child, elder, and home care duties.

I've also heard that the wage gap is justified because women frequently spend years out of the workforce, again time spent caring for the young and old of society. On the one hand, we could say it makes sense to pay women less; after all, they have less experience, work fewer hours, and take fewer risks on average. The reality is that women are working hard at home and it is work that doesn't pay. Our careers often come to a screeching halt when it becomes apparent we have commitments elsewhere. Only through partnership with someone who is able to work those longer hours, miss only hours or days of work to care for elderly parents or new babies, travel, risk life and limb and so on, is a woman able to gain an indirect financial benefit from her non-renumerative duties. It is significant that the women earning more than men in the study were young and single. I could go on, but I'm afraid it's a bit much.