Friday, February 17, 2012

Ethiopian Crock Pot

Last night, I made Ethiopian food for dinner. Actually, it started on Sunday with the injera batter. It needs several days to go sour (like a sourdough). Then, Tuesday night I put the yemiser wat (lentil stew) in the crockpot overnight, and Wednesday afternoon I picked a bunch of collards and made the gomen wat (collards stew) and put it in the crockpot all afternoon. The crock pot did a GREAT job on both stews. With those, the injera, homemade panir, a cucumber/lettuce/tomato salad and alecha (a potato/carrot/cabbage combination that I did on the stovetop), it was so delicious. All the recipes can be found here from when I did an Ethiopian feast last spring. This time I made everything but the shiro wat. So delicious, and so healthy. I only wish I had started the injera a couple of days sooner, letting it sour for nearly a week instead of four days. It was pretty good, but I look it a little more sour. Oh, yum.

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