Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Uncle Dan!

We had such a busy, fun day with Uncle Dan. Since today was Uncle Dan Day, naturally we had a learning holiday. :) After sitting around shmoozing for a while, we...

•took Uncle Dan to Oatland Island

•had a picnic in the car (it was a bit cool today!)

•flew our trick kite at the beach (A & E did great with all kinds of zips and twirls!)

•toodled around to see downtown and had a warm drink

•bought teff flour (I feel some injera coming on!), non-homogenized milk, buttermilk, and cream at the health food store

•picked up D. at work

•stopped at Bobo's for mullet and croaker

•had dinner with Grandma P and Grandpa F

•cleaned up

•made bread and yogurt

•went out for frozen yogurt

•read our readaloud

•sent everyone but me to bed

•did laundry

•set up batches of buttermilk (by adding a pint of buttermilk to a gallon of milk) and creme fraiche (1 cup whipping cream + 1 teaspoon cultured buttermilk)

And now (or soon)... to bed! What a great day. Looking forward to a little more brother-shmoozing time before he leaves to catch his plane in Orlando, then an afternoon of learning. A really great day today!

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