Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Day

We've settled into a very nice routine with our learning. I felt like it took us quite a while to settle into having three full-time learners. Here's, in general, how our days go:

9:00, breakfast
9:30, chores
10:00, davening (all of us)
10:45, parsha stories, navi (we're reading shoftim right now), songs, halachos (all of us)
11:30-1:00, they each get their stack of books and get to work
Raizel & Eli: math, Explode the Code, penmanship, Hebrew cursive (Eli), Writing With Ease, First Language Lessons
Amirah: math, Writing With Ease, First Language Lessons, spelling
1:00-1:45, lunch
1:45, Avi (alef beis and alphabet)
2:00, Raizel (Aleph Champ, Hebrew vocabulary, English reading)
2:30, Eli (ditto!)
3:00, Amirah (chumash, speedreading Hebrew, L'shon Hatorah (biblical grammar), English oral reading)

We usually finish by 4:00. History and science we do in the "off" hours, in the evenings or on Sundays. Time has been short, so our history has mostly been Story of the World (as a story book!), and historical fiction. We haven't done as much mapwork as we did last year. I'm hoping to get some more of that in! I'm also hoping to faithfully get to piano and recorder on Mondays and Thursdays. It's a challenge, for sure. Four different levels all at once has its challenges.

And my big challenge? I really want to have them read the whole megillah, starting tomorrow. It will be Eli & Raizel's first real foray into reading outside their siddur and Aleph Champ and incidental reading here and there. We'll see how it goes!


Dina said...

how old are your kids? ...I only see ages for two our of the four, I think there are four (Amirah, Eli, Raizel, Eli, right?) listed on the left side of your blog...also, what is speedreading hebrew?

alpidarkomama said...

Oh, yes, I should add the other two to the margin. :) They are 4, 5, 6, and 8. :)

Dina said...

thanks, can you also explain speedreading hebrew?

alpidarkomama said...

We pick a tefillah from the siddur or something from our reading practice books and they do timed readings. The goal is 100% accuracy and to average out to one word per second (so a 60-word tefillah should be done in under a minute).