Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just spent (another) evening on pesach planning. We'll be on Tybee Island for two weeks, and will be having 25 for the seders IYH. Probably 15ish around during the day during chol hamoed (I'm sure we'll be having day visitors!). I've finished our weekday menus; assigned cooks, table setters, table clearers, and kitchen duty people; handed out jobs to people (desserts, wine/grape juice, seder plates, procuring a turkey, leading the search for chametz...), started a "to bring" list, and took a stab at planning the seder/yom tov meals. PHEW! is all I can say. What a lot of logistics. If it's well-organized, though, our two weeks at the beach might actually be relaxing.

IYH, IYH, IYH... The location will be perfect. Those that don't have vacation time can still get to work in 20 minutes. Friends can visit from town. There's only one house between us and the beach. We have a heated swimming pool (which we can't use 4 of the 8 days because of shabbos/yom tov laws, but still!). We can check on our chickens and garden every other day or so. And I get to hang out with some of my favorite people!! I haven't even hardly thought about Purim yet, except for learning with the kids. I'd better switch gears after shabbos. Costumes?? Shalach manos? Yep, better get on it!

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