Friday, February 24, 2012

Garden Post

I posted lots of pictures of the garden in our new gardening blog. There was such a dearth of anecdotal online information about gardening in Savannah that I thought I would document our ups and downs. Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced gardeners in our neighborhood from whom we can learn a lot. We really don't have all that much experience compared to the experience we need! For two years in Oakland, CA I enjoyed doing flower gardening in part of the front yard where I lived. Then for three years in Beaverton, OR I had two 50-square-foot vegetable beds. That got started a couple of years before I got married. Then we had kids, and I was just a bit too, er, busy. We did a few tomatoes, but that was about it. It's nice now we're at the stage where the kids can help and enjoy doing it. I'm glad they enjoy it because it's taken up just about every Sunday for the last two months. Once the garden is actually in, maintenance won't be quite as time-consuming, and next year with more of the infrastructure in place there won't be quite as much to do either. Of course, we still need to work out an irrigation system and a tilapia pond. No, it won't be dull around here for quite a while!

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