Thursday, March 1, 2012


I love cultured buttermilk, and it's very easy to make your own. I did this a few years ago, but hadn't in a long time and I'd really forgotten how delicious it is. I bought some with live cultures, used it for drinking and for pancakes, then filled the not-quite-empty container up with milk and let it sit out on the counter for 12 hours or so. YUM. I'm on batch number four and it's still going strong. Try it! :)


Ella said...

I've made kefir (CY buttermilk is not readily available). One of my favorite things to make with it was corn bread. Yum! Also makes great cottage cheese. BTW, chicken love buttermilk/kefir and (I believe) will gladly drink whey :) I also use whey in pancakes.

alpidarkomama said...

Sounds good for corn bread! :) And a great idea for the whey. I never bother to save it all for the chickens, and since we don't make dairy bread (except cinnamon rolls!)... we drink a little and the rest goes down the tubes.

alpidarkomama said...

I mean... "I never bother to save it all for making ricotta." Silly me. :)