Monday, March 19, 2012

Our First Eggs!

This morning, Amirah went to check to see if we had any eggs yet. The chickens are 21-1/2 weeks old and typically this breed lays between 16 and 20 weeks. She came back to report that there were no eggs, but that one of the chickens was squatting in the nest box. "Isn't that weird, mama? Wait! Squatting!" Shrieking, she ran back outside. Sure enough, she came back excitedly bearing our first egg. First eggs are smaller than a normal egg, so we scrambled it and each had one dainty bite. Everyone pronounced it delicious. It definitely had a better, more complex taste. Yum.

In the mid-afternoon, I heard quite a ruckus (lots of pa-KAWKs) and thought for sure another egg had landed. But no, no egg in the nest box. But an hour later I noticed one on the floor of the run! Egg number two had arrived! Very exciting, and now regular trips to the nest boxes will be a welcome part of our morning routine.

Our first brown egg next to a grocery store egg. Dainty! For now...

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