Thursday, March 15, 2012

Room Switch

We switched everyone's bedrooms around (except ours) and they are all very happy with the changes! Raizel is now in the formal learning room. I had to keep the narrow, deep closet for our materials but she has a gigantic chest of drawers that has plenty of room for all of her clothes. She also still has the piano in her room, but she doesn't mind. She's very happy.

Amirah is in the smaller bedroom where the boys used to be. She is blissed out in her own, private space, reading and listening to classical music. We're hoping to paint it before too long since the colors in there (orange and brown) are pretty bleah.

And the boys now have the biggest bedroom in the house. The girls had two full-sized beds in there. The boys have a twin bunkbed, so the room has much more space in it now. They're very happy to have room for more building and WWII battle scenes.

It took a bit of shlepping but it was really worth it. Now if Amirah loses patience with Raizel she can escape to her own retreat room and be by herself. And Raizel feels very grown-up to be sleeping in her very own room. A good move all around!

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