Friday, March 2, 2012

The Menu

For dinner...

We're out!

I'm bringing wine and apple kugel.

And for lunch...

pastrami sandwiches on baguettes
carrot ginger kugel
corn cranberry kugel
roasted eggplant/tomato/zucchini/red pepper/onion/garlic/preserved lemons
apple coleslaw
beef barley stew
chocolate brownie trifle (from a friend!)

A lot of people (well, I should qualify that... 3 or 4 out of the 10 or 11 people who read this!) have asked for recipes, and I want to get better at posting them. The truth is, I don't really use recipes (well, as suggestions I do!), and I don't really measure unless I'm baking a cake. The upside is that it's much quicker to just storm through the kitchen throwing things together. The downside is that we so very often have something that really tastes good and we just KNOW that we will never get to have it again. I also can't pass on the good ones to others, so I'm hoping to make a wee bit of effort in that area. :)

Good shabbos!!!

1 comment:

Dina said...

I am always reading your blog and salivating over your menus...I actually was planning on asking you to post your recipes tonight when clicking to your blog and then I read this! I look forward to hearing how to make some of your concoctions!