Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Loving the IRS

Well, I do love the fact that they (weirdly) made our adoption expenses into a refundable tax credit. But I do NOT love the fact that we sent in our tax forms, then sent the information in again at their request, and then were told that we would be charged $4,000 for filing an inaccurate return, and that the deduction was disallowed. CHUTZPAH!

So, what to do?

1) I got the number for a personal contact at the IRS Counsel's office for a woman who helped to draft the revenue procedures for the Adoption Tax Credit. She has helped other adoptive families who were rejected and fined by the IRS, so I hope she'll be able to help us too.

2) You can bet my congressman is going to hear about this one! They will advocate for people who require assistance to resolve issues with various federal institutions. This will be our #2 plan.

3) There's also the local IRS tax office (in Savannah), and the taxpayers advocacy group (with staff in Atlanta) that is part of the IRS.

Surely, one of these will enable us to resolve this in a timely matter. GOOD GRIEF!

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