Monday, December 15, 2008

2 Duds, Snow, and Up and Out

First, we saw two really bad movies Sunday night and one so-so (well... I fell asleep 15 minutes into the first one and saw the last 15 minutes, then we watched 10 minutes of the second one, and 30 minutes of the third one). Horton Hears a Who was, well, awful. Bad. Really bad. Then we watched a few minutes of Amazing Planet. Ugh. Like a video game on steroids. It made us all seasick with its relentless 2-second shots and trying to wow the viewer with, well, what I don't know. Then we got to a special on Snow Tigers. Mediocre. Very light on facts. We're going to back to anything with Richard Attenborough. Fact rich, and not trying to wow the viewer or work too hard to convince us that science is COOL, COOL, AWESOME. Or Blue Planet. All of the ones we're enjoying so much are BBC.

And SNOW. Lots of it. And what did we do this afternoon? Go shopping! Of all things, Raizel really needed a really warm jacket since we're going to cold, snowy Milwaukee tomorrow and she didn't really have a good one. I had visions of all the jackets being sold out at Fred Meyer, but B"H there were a lot left on their 50% off rack. Got one for Eli too. And stocked up on food for the trip. If we get stuck in an airport somewhere, I do NOT want to try to survive on soda and chips (reliably kosher airport snacks). And got chains so we can actually GET to the airport tomorrow! Also managed to (almost) chase down a written statement we need from the beis din (Jewish court) here stating that the bris had been observed and performed halachically, etc., etc., etc. OY.

We are scheduled to arrive in Milwaukee at 11:15, pick up a car, and drive the 1/4 mile (B"H!) to our hotel in wintery, snowy Milwaukee. Oh, joy. Then there's the 7:00 (i.e. 5:00) wakeup to get to the shul on time for our 1-hour (max) meeting and pool dip with the Jewish court. At least Milwaukee is flat and the weather is cold (none of that freezing-refreezing business!) so driving shouldn't be too bad... I hope. We will all be glad to be home Tuesday night, g-d willing.

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