Sunday, December 21, 2008

Channukah I

Through ice and snow
Our neighbor did go
To bring us potatoes and apples.

So latkes we made
And games we played
And snowflakes on windows made dapples.

Thanks to our dear neighbor, who trudged through all the snow and ice to the closest little store, we were able to make latkes and applesauce tonight. Having colds in the head (and elsewhere) there was not much room for forethought, so, no, we didn't think of laying in Channukah supplies on Friday. Oh, well! We managed quite nicely. I felt like I was living in a shtetl trying to scrape up a potato or two and an apple for our first night of channukah. Dean tried to go to the grocery store but realized after 1-1/2 blocks that that was not going to happen.

We croaked our way through the candle blessings and croaked out a song. No dancing to be had. But we did manage a story. Tonight we'll play games and read out loud. Dean and I can probably each manage reading a chapter out loud. Not exactly fully festive, but we pulled off a first night of sorts.

I can't believe how piled with snow we are. I've never seen it like this, and I've been here for 11 years. It's supposed to keep snowing through next week too! Dean has missed a lot of work at a very busy time. He's going to stay home for a little while in the morning so I can sleep late (bless his heart 100x!), then he'll go in and see what's what.

I sure hope we're all feeling better tomorrow. There are so many Channukah projects and learning things I've wanted to do and we haven't had much of a chance yet. Fortunately we did some the week before last. Oh, well. I really hope to get a good night's sleep and have a little more energy tomorrow.

I hope anyone traveling now gets to where they're going!

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