Thursday, December 25, 2008


I slept! I slept! I slept and slept and slept!
We learned! We learned! We learned and learned and learned!

It feels so good, even though I could easily fall asleep again right now. I think I'll put Avi and Raizel down for simultaneous naps and set the bigs up with a dvd so I can take a nap later this afternoon, but B"H I feel so much better having actually slept.

And the jerry-rigged pipe is holding, and we have a message into our favorite plumber. And I'm not being silly - he is really so nice and it makes the fact that we need him from time to time all that much easier!

The snow should be melting. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the car window replaced then we'll get this household back to normal. Well, normal for this household anyway. This household is anything but normal! :)

Thank G-d for health. I can't imagine being a mother of young children and getting seriously ill, G-d forbid. Ten days out of commission was ten days too many. B"H for husbands who take vacation/sick leave despite horrendous deadlines at work. We'll be making those hours up over the next couple of weeks, I'm sure! He'll have 70+ hours to make up before classes start January 5. Yeah, right. Oh, well...

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