Friday, December 26, 2008

Interesting new statistic!

The National Center for Education Statistics just released a brief that estimates 1.5 million students were homeschooled in the United States in spring of 2007 - that's 2.9 percent of the student population, up 74% since 1999 and 36% since 2003. You can read the entire paper here:

I haven't yet read the whole report, but have printed it off to read over shabbat.

And that branch that broke the car window? Turns out it actually smashed a lot more than that, but it was covered with snow and ice - $2,200 and 5 days later (hopefully next week) it should be fixed. Guess our time at home will extend into next week. At least our part is only $750! And plumber bill yet to come. Guess we're part of those storm damage/costs statistics now. :)

Shabbat shalom!

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Selah said...

Oh Kerith I am so sorry to hear about your storm trouble. I am sure that is a pain, but you have an amazing attitude. I am SO thankful nothing has happened to anyone at home. Hang in there. Those are some amazing stats on homeschooling. We are actually starting to think about this for one our kiddos who just is not enjoying school and would rather work at home. We will see what happens. Even though I taught for 13 years I have never seen myself as a teacher to my kids as I can get rather intense with my own:) But I am very open at this point! In some ways I would love it and the time with this child would be very special.

Hope to see you soon-- Kimberly