Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How To Help

The situation in Israel is not good. How can we help?

1. Learn torah, daven (pray), say tehillim (psalms), learn Torah, or dedicate some other good work to the good of Israel and the wisdom of her armed forces.

2. Contact local and national politicians to express your support for Israel.

3. There is a program called Operation "Take a Break" that is giving those families under threat of rocket attacks a recreational trip to a safe area. This totals 700,000 people now that rockets have landed near Beer Sheva. Go to Connections Israel to donate.

4. Send care packages to Israeli soldiers through Friends of the Israel Defense Forces or pizza to soldiers and threatened families at Pizza IDF.

5. Donate to the organizations that supply vitally needed medical care to victims of terror attacks, rockets, and other violence: Magen David Adom, Hatzolah Israel, Zaka, Yad Sarah.

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