Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Math Games

Just had to post that the math games have been a huge hit around here. In one game, you're trying to get your piece through a maze while your opponent is going in the opposite direction and there are some rules about how many spaces you can move and in which direction.

This week's game has a grid of x's and o's, slightly off-set from each other. The x player tries to make a bridge from side to side and the o player tries to make a bridge from top to bottom by connecting o's. You have to find the optimal place to both build your bridge and block your opponent.

Both of these games were in the original Family Math book. Every week we'll try a new one! Great workouts for spatial reasoning, forethought, and logic. Really simple too. I just make a copy of the page, cut it out and off we go!

And in mancala...

Mama: "Oh, Miri, why are you doing...? Oh. I see. You just won."
Amirah: "Strategy, mama, strategy."

And so it went 13-35. OY!

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