Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baruch Hashem, Part 2

Baruch hashem, the ladder that flew off of the truck just ahead of my husband narrowly missed crashing into our van when he went to collect our luggage this morning.

Baruch hashem, our luggage had arrived only one hour before he got to the airport. We (sillies) hadn't even thought of calling ahead to see if it was there.

Baruch hashem, the gasket that holds all the oil in the car and that had become frozen and then mis-shapen from the cold, and then allowed (nearly) the entire amount of oil to dribble all the way as far as the catalytic converter did not catch on fire and did not destroy the engine.

Baruch hashem, the amount of the repairs to said van was pretty much equal to what we saved by not flying the other three members of the family out to Milwaukee with us.

Baruch hashem, Raizel is sounding much better now after steroids, anitbiotics, and albuterol inhalers.

Baruch hashem, I only slept half as much as yesterday. Only 12 hours so far.

Baruch hashem, dear husband is taking the entire week off despite this being one of the busiest weeks for him as they get ready for the winter term at school.

Baruch hashem, same dear husband has left one sleeping child and taken the other three to the library (which is hopefully open) and to work to collect a projector so we can all watch a movie tonight. And Saturday night. And probably Sunday night too if we're all still feeling BLEAH.

Baruch hashem, we declared this week Al Pi Darko Academy's Art Week. We did nothing but art projects yesterday and today. It's been lots of fun. We drew oil pastel snowmen and made little matchboxes out of turquoise and purple card stock today.

Baruch hashem, Dean's mother has postponed her trip so they don't risk driving through the snow and ice to drop her at the bus station.

Baruch hashem, the county court sent me a "you're excused" notice for jury duty. I was afraid I would be required to do it simply because I turned it in two days after I was supposed to be there. Phew!

Baruch hashem, we're all going to have a nice hot meal of tofu macaroni and cheese and call it good.

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The Six of Us said...

Oh Kerith! How did you do it!? So glad to hear that you made it back and that it was a good trip! Happy day to your two little ones!

And for us who do not know Hebrew: what does Baruch Hashem mean? :)