Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Record Snowfall

This is the most snow accumulation Portland has had since 1968! We've had 11.5 inches this month, which is a new record. It has really been amazing. A bit of a break tomorrow, then big winds and more snow later in the week. This is something.

Dean is going back to work in the morning. I finally started to feel a little better this afternoon, after a whole week. Very unusual to be feeling so wiped out for so long. I am so very grateful that Dean took the week plus a day off. Usually I can depend on those many immunities developed while teaching 200+ kids per week. The trip really left me vulnerable to those bugs. Hopefully tomorrow is even better and we can get a good day of learning in. It would be nice to get back on our regular schedule. I'll have to see about getting the van window fixed too. Oy.

Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy out there!

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