Monday, August 31, 2009

An Annulled Decree

It is with tremendous gratitude to Hashem that I let you all know that we have received the news that my dear husband will NOT be laid off next month. Thank you all for your tefillos and your support. This was an extremely difficult week, and I am thankful that this is the worst that we have experienced. I am also very thankful for my husband, children, extended family, and friends. I am thankful for all I have every moment of the day. I am thankful for "beans and rice, rice and beans." I am thankful for the everyday joys that take place in this house. And I KNOW the kids are thankful that our annual camping trip can now proceed as planned next week. We are so much looking forward to just some nice, relaxing family vacation time. OY! And I will continue to daven for those who are looking for work, known and unknown to me. Much of this year has really caused me to greatly deepen my eternal gratitude for all that we have and for all that we are capable of. Be very kind to each other.


Anonymous said...

Mazel tov, Kerith and family. Baruch HaShem!!!! Meira

Hoosbin said...

I am profoundly grateful to all those who davined on our behalf, to Rabbi Brodkin whose advice I put into action beginning yesterday, and to my supervisor who unexpectedly argued that both instructional designers should not be dismissed. I am also sad to report that my coworker and friend will nevertheless be laid off next month.