Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Latest Exercise Adventure

I've been very good with my Very Big Hill walking routine. Three times up said Very Big Hill gives me a perfect 35-minute workout, which I do daily while DH cleans up after dinner. Every year, my problem is that as soon as the rainy weather comes my dedication to the art of exercising wanes considerably. I love walking. I love tackling that big hill and getting to the top. We do have an exercise bike, which DH uses to keep his migraines away, so I do have that available to me, but it doesn't quite give me the same kind of workout that walking does. (And it's SO much nicer to be outside!) We pondered buying a treadmill, but that sounds totally B-L-E-A-H, and also costs a lot of money.

So, alternatives... Off and on for a good year I've been joking about getting a punching bag. I kept imagining how satisfying it would be to punch a heavy bag after a bout of frustration (not that those EVER come!), or a busy day, or a stressful event (none of those either, of course). And the best part? It's cheap! So I finally did it for real.

Last night, DH went out and bought a 75-pound heavy bag that we found on craigslist for $40. (When the seller asked DH if he was going to take up boxing, he had to admit it was for his wife; it was a bit of a funny moment.) Gloves and hand wraps have set me back another $20 (or less, depending on how my ebay bid turns out). I also got junior gloves so we can make it a family affair. No, the gloves aren't pink, but I can't wait to get them! I've ordered quite a few boxing dvds and books from the library. I'm sure I'll have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I can't wait to start doing it. Probably another week or so before my gloves come.

Yes, it's pretty funny. I think if I saw myself punching that bag I would roll down my hill laughing all the way. But I can't wait!!!!

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