Monday, August 10, 2009

Children's Music

I just had to post a couple of our favorite children's music cds. I'm very picky about what we listen to. We absolutely avoid anything with commercial tie-ins and brand names, and I personally just don't enjoy listening to music that is plugged in (a microphone is the only exception - I know I'm weird!).

So, here are our favorites:

Ship of Chocolate Chips, by Joel Frankel (that's our favorite, but anything by him is fun)
Rhythmically Moving, with Gemini (great dance music; there are 10 cds, I think)
Gift of the Tortoise, by Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Your Child Needs Music, by Rahel (the best collection of simple children's songs in Hebrew I've ever heard)

And my all-time #1 favorite:

A Child's Garden of Songs, by Ted Jacobs (truly lovely settings of Robert Louis Stevenson's poems; Ted Jacobs' others aren't anywhere close to this good)

I've not had a good time finding Jewish religious children's music that is pleasing to MY ear. So much of it is really trite with generic accompaniments of loud electronic keyboards and other artificial sounds. Just not my cup of tea. If anyone can help me find something lovely, I'd be so very happy! And post your other suggestions for any children's cds you know that are in the unplugged vein. I love new discoveries!

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