Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning in Record Time

Today we did a LOT of learning in a very compact amount of time. We still have reading and history to go (probably 40 more minutes), but already this morning we did davening, siddur/prayer book word search (mostly baruch, shema, and god's name) for the littles, torah stories, learned two new Hebrew songs, worked with Eli in his alef bet, alphabet, and math books, then with Amirah on ketivah (Hebrew writing), spelling (2 pages), grammar (days of the week), composition (passage comprehension and narration), and math (doing things like 9+2 and 8+9 by turning the larger number into a group of ten by borrowing from the smaller number, then writing the tens and ones to make the answer). All of this in 2 hours and 15 minutes. So, with the last bit that we'll do after lunch we've hit a nice, even 3 hours which is my goal (1-1/2 for just Amirah, 1/2 for just Eli, and 1 hour for everyone). It's really just right, and the pacing, though compact, does not feel rushed at all and Amirah is not overwhelmed. For many things (especially math and writing (!)) she keeps asking for more, more, more, but I don't want us to be sitting there for hours on end. A very satisfying morning, and soon we're on to play. Have I mentioned that I love this life? I LOVE THIS LIFE! :)

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