Sunday, August 30, 2009

Calm Has Been Restored

DH and I are both feeling remarkably calm now. In less than two days we may get what is some of the worst possible news, but we also now have a basic plan of how we will go about handling it. (I only pray that we DO get news, and not just silence...) Having a plan, and seeing that that plan is very doable we're feeling fine about things. Shabbat was really lovely. Great companionship Friday night, and just us Saturday. I took a nice walk with Eli and Amirah just before sunset. I know adversity can really bring up disharmony in some marriages, but B"H every time DH and I have gone through a challenge it only unites us. We are so absolutely yachad (together/in unity), and I am so very glad I married him. In good times, and challenging ones, that main undercurrent of utter gratitude is always at the forefront. And so it continues even now. I wouldn't trade one minute of this life. B"H.

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