Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Green Coffee Bean Verdict

When we got our roaster we got five one-pound samples of different green beans. This week I realized there was one I hadn't tried yet - Mexico Chiapas. (On the link it's a few coffees down the list.) WOW! This is a really, really dark roast, especially when I do the 8-minute roast (the longest roast on our machine). I can use 2/3 the usual amount of coffee and still get black, black, very flavorful coffee. So instead of $0.35 per cup, this should be more like $0.25 per cup. Next time we order we can get 20 pounds (green coffee beans stay good for a year or more), so the cost is only $4.15 per pound. I've never had a better cup of coffee.

Now, on to learning time... ancient Chinese farming and silkworm cultivation are on the menu today! And an exciting trip (truly) to Bob's Red Mill to stock up on flours and oats and flax and whatever else will be on our list. We all love visiting the mill. I hope there's one wherever we move to next. I really like buying my food in real places.

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