Monday, August 24, 2009

Yay, Bimart

Every year we have a tradition of going camping the week of Labor Day, after school has started (for most!) and before DH's job gets really crazy (he's on an academic calendar). It's a lovely time for a vacation. We've always gone yurt camping, but this is the first year we decided to go tent camping. Since our little 3-person tent (as in 2 people plus clothes!) will no longer suffice, we searched craigslist for large tents that would accommodate all of us, preferably with at least two rooms in it so as they get older we could have a boys room and a girls room. There were quite a few options, all for around $100. We also found used cots (which I really wanted!) for around $30-35. Then we needed more sleeping bags too. And mats.

After checking prices on craigslist and Amazon, I dropped in at Bimart to check out their prices. Well, we found lower than used prices there!!! A 162-square-foot 9-person tent was marked down to $85 from $110 and had a 10-year warranty. Sleeping bags rated to 40 degrees (we're fair-weather campers, so that should be fine) were only $18. Got those for 3 of the kids. Avi will use one we already have, as will papa. Mama got an extra-long one for $30. Got sleeping mats for $10 each for the kids (typical price for the cheapo ones). Got a new cot for Dean (too short for mama) for $30. Then DH went and picked up a used extra-long cot for mama for $35. So now we're all set and very excited to do our first tent-camping trip with everyone!

We've given up on ever hearing back from the job in Pittsburgh. 6+ weeks is too long, and in the meanwhile DH has had increasing concerns about working there, given their inability to handle this in a timely manner, plus some other things he picked up on while visiting. It's nice to feel like we're no longer holding our breath, though I really was hoping we'd be packing up a U-Haul truck this week!!! The time will come, as will the exact job DH is meant to have. May it come soon. And speedily!

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Anonymous said...

actually this has to do with pre k homeschooling materials.

Asher will be 4 in November. He is very interested in math and reading, so I am looking for materials.

Re Saxon Math K, I followed the link to amazon, googled saxon, etc. What materials does one need? teacher's mannual? manipulatives? student workbook? and student meeting book?

Asher keeps asking what words say,
that is, he will point to a book title or whatever and ask, "what does that say?" I think he is very interestd in reading. so I thought I'd better start him (after November) on aleph bet and alphabet more intensely. Any suggestions?